Marquita Chambers, Lead Makeup Artist

Creator. Visionary. Artist.


Marquita Chambers was born in the Washington, DC metro area and found her love of makeup after graduating high school.  She then found herself in love with the beauty industry where she began working at beauty retailer, Sephora, to gain knowledge of skincare, luxury cosmetics lines and to experience working with clients one-on-one.  

Marquita’s love of people and eye for detail and drama have propelled her from a beauty enthusiast to a self-taught makeup artist, who works hard to translate her passion for making people feel good into art.  She’s always looking to create with like-minded individuals on set, or command a studio or location with her easy-going, confident presence.

Marquita is a highly resourceful, flexible and innovative professional makeup artist with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.  She has experience in ensuring that models, performers and presenters have suitable makeup and hairstyles before they appear in front of cameras or audiences.  She also has experience coordinating photoshoots and fashion shows.  Check out Marquita's Resume here.

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